Articles in Press



Articles in Press



Antidermatophytic activity of Essential Oils

Richa Sharma*, Gajanand Sharma and Meenakshi Sharma

1. Department of Biotechnology and Allied Sciences, Jayoti Vidyapeeth University, Jaipur.

2. Department of Chemical Sciences, Suresh Gyan Vihar University, Jaipur.

3. Lab No-1,Laboratory of Mycology and Microbiology, Department of Botany, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur.



The antifungal potential of mixture of essential oils (turmeric and ginger) against common causes of dermatophytic infections in human was investigated via in- vitro investigations. In order to determine suitable oil mixture shows excellent antifungal activity (82mm, MIC 0.02μl/ml against T. rubrum, 79mm, MIC 0.04μl/ml against M.gypseum, 62mm, MIC 0.03μl/ml against C. albicans, 65mm, MIC 0.02μl/ml against M. furfur). The antifungal activity of oils was screened against C. albicans, M. furfur, T. rubrum and M. gypseum by using disc diffusion and microdiluation method. The inhibition zone of mixture of oils (Turmeric and Ginger) is higher than the single oils and reference antibiotics viz.- Clotrimazole (36mm against T. rubrum , 41 mm against M.gypseum) and Gentamycin (18mm against C. albicans, 16.5mm against M. furfur). From our findings, the results provide a scientific validation for the use of these essential oils in the treatment of dermatophytic infection and could be used in future for development of anti- skin diseases agents.

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